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About Us

Lormac Enterprise Inc. better known as Daddy Mac was  founded by Willie and Lornette McCaskill in 2013.  As a resident of Hoke County and a native of the West Hoke  community Willie saw the need for a neighborhood store.  He felt that the neighborhood needed to be revived and thus Daddy Mac Mini Mart was born.  A year later, the door to Lormac Tax Service was open. 

The McCaskills's felt that Hoke County was being developed however, the Western Area was left untouched.  They wanted to show the West Hoke community that they were not forgotten and the residents are still valued. On July 21st, 2016 Daddy Mac Fresh Seafood Market & Country Kitchen was opened to the public.  Lormac Enterprise is still in the process of renewing life in the Western Area of Hoke County.  Please join them in revitalizing the community to make it a better place.


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